Vibration Survey’s

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome can occur following the prolonged use of vibrating hand tools which can cause disabling disorders of the nerves, joints and blood vessels. This type of damage can result in the inability to carry out fine work, with cold weather triggering attacks of finger blanching. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a serious and disabling condition with nearly 2 million people at risk. It is preventable however once the damage is done it is permanent.

As well as our regular HAVS health checks we are also able to take measurements of vibration emissions from vibratory hand tools and make recommendations on the daily length of use of these tools so as to reduce the risk of HAVS. The equipment that we use is the Larson Davis HVM 100 Human Vibration Meter. We also have timing meters that allow the daily usage of individual vibratory hand tools to be measured accurately.