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Specialists in Occupational
Health Surveillance and Screening

Company Health Services Ltd provides professional occupational health support for businesses.

Whether your company operates as a small, medium or large enterprise we can offer advice on the essential occupational health services that you require and deliver them in a cost effective and timely manner.

Many businesses find occupational health matters difficult to understand. We explain what you need to do, why, and how we deliver the services, ensuring you meet HSE regulations. In fact our services can save your business time & money by reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and protecting you from personal injury claims.

Why are we the best fit for your business?

Company Health Services offers a comprehensive range of packages that will be able to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts will ensure you comply with health and safety regulations, as well as employment legislation.


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Find all the regulations you need to know….. If you want more detail on the HSE regulations that you need to ensure your business complies with, please click on the below link to the HSE website. The website features hundreds of incident and accident stories that really put the importance on Health Surveillance & Occuptional Health into perspective.

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